Life brings challenges and when those challenges become much bigger than you can handle, reaching out to a professional is so important for your emotional balance and well being. During a deep personal crisis in my life, I knew I needed the support of a professional. I was so fortunate to find Heather.

Through her kind words, humor, patience, candor, and great insight, Heather has armored me with a solid emotional arsenal to handle the joys, the sorrows, family relationships, and everyday challenges that may come my way. Over the past few years, I have come to value and appreciate all that she’s done for me. She is a true treasure in the field of the mental health profession. I recommend Heather without any reservation.

Her delivery of services has become an integral part of who I am today. I am so grateful for her coming into my life. Heather has helped me to “hammer out the dents” and “polish” my armor. She has helped me find renewed strength and power to move forward, emotionally, with whatever comes my way.

Our family has been seeing Heather for a little over five years. We absolutely love her! She has been such a blessing to our family, as she primarily works with our oldest son with his ADHD and anxiety. During his sessions, Heather plays games, draws pictures, and tells stories all the while incorporating the coping strategies needed to help him. Heather is patient, loving, humorous, and knows how to talk to kids (and adults!) in a way that is safe, honest, and real. Our son trusts her, and truly views her as his “friend” – as he will frequently ask to see her! Since meeting with Heather, we have seen a positive change in the way our son views himself – and his focus and anxiety has improved to the point we no longer have him on medication.

Heather is incredibly easy to talk to – she is so nurturing to everyone in the family, and wants what’s best for all. She has met with our son, but is also open to meeting with anyone in the family, depending on what our family needs at the time. My other children enjoy her company as well! Heather makes it a point to get to know everyone in the family, and does this in a fun, exciting way. Her caring demeanor and outgoing, bubbly personality makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease – willing to open up.

Heather has helped my family in ways I cannot even begin to describe. I will always be appreciative of the time she has spent (and continues to spend) with my family. Heather is the best!

As a parent, it’s your greatest wish to see your child healthy and happy, and equipped to deal with life’s challenges, and Heather Koster makes sure that’s possible. Heather is an exceptional, caring, knowledgeable therapist. My teenage daughter was dealing with the stresses of adolescent life, along with some traumatic events and a dysfunctional relationship. Heather responded to my call right away and met with my daughter and me to listen to our story and create goals and a plan for my daughter’s therapy. There was an immediate connection between my teen and Heather; my daughter was immediately at ease and able to talk freely about her feelings with guidance and validation from Heather. There were times in the following months when she would ask to see Heather for extra sessions, or even call her- something that always put me at ease, as I knew she was a trusted adult presence in her life. She also facilitated reunification therapy for my family as well and was able to advocate for my daughter and her feelings and needs in some very tense situations. Heather went above and beyond for my family. After a therapy session with Heather one day, my daughter literally walked out the office door headed to the car, jumped and clicked her heels together, and said, “Oh, I feel SO much better!” Heather will forever hold a place in our hearts. We are forever grateful for her grace, guidance, and support.

I strongly recommend Heather and counseling for anyone struggling through life’s difficult stages. My daughters and I have been going to Heather for almost 2 years. Heather is extremely professional and has shown us a deep level of commitment. Heather helped me get my teenage daughter back on track. She started out an A student with great friends and was on a high school Athletic team. Somewhere she made a wrong turn and started using drugs, hanging out with the “wrong crowd”, skipping school and running away from home. Heathers persistence helped me get my daughter placed into a treatment center. Heather has been consistent with her advice and never gave up hope, even when I did. She provides a level of security, humor, trust and intellect, which makes each session relaxed and productive. That is very difficult to find in someone you share your most personal issues with. I don’t know where my daughter would be today if I hadn’t had Heather’s help.