Life brings challenges and when those challenges become much bigger than you can handle, reaching out to a professional is so important for your emotional balance and well being. During a deep personal crisis in my life, I knew I needed the support of a professional. I was so fortunate to find Heather.

Through her kind words, humor, patience, candor, and great insight, Heather has armored me with a solid emotional arsenal to handle the joys, the sorrows, family relationships, and everyday challenges that may come my way. Over the past few years, I have come to value and appreciate all that she’s done for me. She is a true treasure in the field of the mental health profession. I recommend Heather without any reservation.

Her delivery of services has become an integral part of who I am today. I am so grateful for her coming into my life. Heather has helped me to “hammer out the dents” and “polish” my armor. She has helped me find renewed strength and power to move forward, emotionally, with whatever comes my way.