Welcome to my practice

Our family has been seeing Heather for a little over five years. We absolutely love her! She has been such a blessing to our family, as she primarily works with our oldest son with his ADHD and anxiety. During his sessions, Heather plays games, draws pictures, and tells stories all the while incorporating the coping strategies needed to help him. Heather is patient, loving, humorous, and knows how to talk to kids (and adults!) in a way that is safe, honest, and real. Our son trusts her, and truly views her as his “friend” – as he will frequently ask to see her! Since meeting with Heather, we have seen a positive change in the way our son views himself – and his focus and anxiety has improved to the point we no longer have him on medication.

Heather is incredibly easy to talk to – she is so nurturing to everyone in the family, and wants what’s best for all. She has met with our son, but is also open to meeting with anyone in the family, depending on what our family needs at the time. My other children enjoy her company as well! Heather makes it a point to get to know everyone in the family, and does this in a fun, exciting way. Her caring demeanor and outgoing, bubbly personality makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease – willing to open up.

Heather has helped my family in ways I cannot even begin to describe. I will always be appreciative of the time she has spent (and continues to spend) with my family. Heather is the best!